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Well I'm back from Illinois...
We left Friday afternoon and got home earlier today.
We went to go to the Dream Reapers Haunted House that was only open for one night. (Saturday the 21st.)
The haunt was AMAZING! We showed up about 2 hours before they opened to make sure we knew were it was. When we got there we noticed that there were a group of four or three guys standing there talking. So I was trying to get one of my parents to go up to talk to them to see if we could look around inside. Well I finally got my mom to walk up with me and I introduced myself and mentioned that we had driven all the way from Iowa to come to the haunt. The guy was shocked as hell. :p
Anyways, the guy who we talked to ended up being one of the owners of the haunt. We came back later that night and we saw him standing outside and we talked to him a bit about our haunt and what we do for our display. Then while waiting in line my dad continued to talk to him and the guy all of a sudden left and came back out 5 min later with t-shirts for all of us! I was super pumped!
Then after waiting in line for a bit we were able to go through the haunt. (which was awesome by the way!) After you go through the haunt you exit into somewhat of a gift shop that sold different props form Bump in the Night Productions and some changing portraits. (of which I got 2!!)
Then the owner guy came up and continued to talk to me and my dad about stuff and took us backstage and showed us the makeup room. I couldn't stop talking about how awesome i thought that everythin was so the guy ended up letting us go through a second time for free!!
After all that I was just having a great time... and the some of the actors they had were roaming the streets and the prop shop. One was called Show Me the clown that was just funny as hell! And another who just sat there and said "HI" over and over. And another called Sheldon who drove around in a while chair and darted out into traffic almost getting hit by oncoming cars!!
All in the it was well worth the drive and if any of you guys have the chance GO TO DREAM REAPERS HAUNTED HOUSE!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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