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Horror is all about EDITING!

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This clip proves that you just can't trust those trailers!
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That was a great edit! Lets' take the kindergarten kids to see Shining :D

Those dynamic links from Transbudda seem to die. You can get to the clip here:
That was funny .. but it's true .. sometimes trailers can be misleading ;)
I click Morbius' link, yet I get nothing. :(
Click on ScareFx's link .. thats the one I had to use :D
If I find anything else there, Ill have to remember to link properly..sorry

Link is fixed
That is freaking greatness, I am sitting here laughing my but off. Fell good movie of the year.

Oh my god, that is hilarious.
Yeah, Peter Gabriel's Salisbury Hill just set it all off. Too damn funny! :D
ROLF! Man That was Great!!! I about poped a vein in my head I was laughing so hard. ahh my chest hurts.
Wow, just... man poor Johnny, I hope his book comes out okay...
Well I found another one like this, thought it was pretty good...

After 'The Shining', click on 'Romance of the Jedi', kinda Lucas goes 'Brokeback', who knows, coulda got him an oscar!
Oh man, i started this thread a while ago and forgot about it! It's still funny now...:D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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