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This film starts out promising: A guided expedition through the mountainous regions of Venezuela turns up a new species of spider more deadly than any ever discovered, a memeber of the party dies within seconds from a single bite of the arachnid, and unbeknownst to all involved, the creature hitches a ride back to North America, via the coffin of its first victim.

It winds up in a small town, that has just seen the arrival of another stranger in the form of a Doctor and his family just moving in from San Francisco, to become the town sawbones there. Not long after the new Doc arrives, there are some mysterious deaths that occur amongst those not known to have any long standing illnesses. Being the stranger in town, the good doctor (Jeff Daniels) is naturally blamed, without any proof to substantiate the rumour. The doctor suspects something else and contacts the scientist that led the expedition (Julian Sands) to come out and have a look at the bite marks he has discovered on the victims. John Goodman as a bumbling Exterminator is thrown into the mix, and we have a mad scramble to find out where the devil responsible for these matters is hidden. It's closer than anyone thinks, and the situation is much worse than what anyone's expecting. With a creature that the humans are up against, which has a swarming army at its beck and call, how can anyone hope to survive.

This movie had some creepy moments in it. The scene where the doctors house is invaded is one such moment, and there are a few more. Daniels does a better than usual acting job as the put upon frustrated doctor. Goodman and Sands both turn out a good performance. The film wasn't a great one, some of the parts seemed tacked on and in a few places, the movie seemed as if it were about to run out of gas. The ending was pretty lame, but overall it was an enjoyable excursion. Spiders freak me out anyway, so there were some moments that I really had to admire the courage of the characters on the screen, because I sure as hell wouldn't have been in some of those places they went. The movie garners one "Jason" at least for "Skin-Crawling Factor" alone.

Anyhow, give this a look see, it's worth it; at least a one time viewing, maybe two.

Rating: :voorhees: :voorhees: 1/2
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