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Hot glue uses.. beside glueing

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Here are a few ideas for hot glue use

practice and you will come up with ideas too and to learn what size lines to lay

skeleton anything- if its has a skeleton you can make it with hot glue

lettering- tombstone lettering, xmas stocking lettering

leaves and vines

molding skull head- any kind of mold I had some skull rings I made small heads with

spiders- use your imagination I made these in plaster that I carved a mold into
wet plaster down first

ghosts- lay a chunky line of glue,
using a scrape spatula pull the hot glue flat when cool cut to shape
depending on size of your scrape you can make any size
you can make windows from this to if doing small scale things

snakes- lay a line to shape your snake paint when done:
if a rattler at end lays several lines crossways

spider web- use a shooter or make one that you can hang

flowers- make roses, daisies any type for your tombstones
crosses- make crosses to attach to tombstone, paint for detail

Pumpkins for windows ?

irises for eyes

anybody else have any uses post them
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You mentioned using hot glue to fill a mold, you can also use it to make a mold.
It works well when casting with something that cures, rather than dries. Such as plaster, Ultra-Cal, cement etc.
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