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How did you get here?

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how did you get here???
well a mate of mine(CryptMistress) told me about it:)
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I am always looking for decent forums, where I can feel comfortable and post with others about things in common. Stumbled upon Unpleasent Street and haven't left :D
i honestly have no idea ......but i dont wanna leave!
I think ZF posted a reply on the "L", and I was looking for a change of scenery...

Colin stole my blood.
It was an accident...I was a member on another board and someone posted a thread here. I soon discovered that Im more "me" here than anywhere. Hope you like me, I intend to stay a long, long time.
ZF dragged my ass here kickin' and screamin' the whole way.


I don't remember how I got here. Maybe he slipped me a cyber-roofie. :googly:

Musta been through the -L though... I think. Maybe. Hell, gimme another beer!
Beer, BEER! Mmmmm... beer. Me likey beer.

Kickin' and screamin'... ha! You couldn't wait to be here, you just didn't know it yet. ;)
Beer, cyber roofies, and kicking and screaming. What more could you want from a forum?
Beer, cyber roofies, and kicking and screaming. What more could you want from a forum?
Ummmm no comment.
Welll.... *I* could think of other things.... but they'll get me in trouble. 0:)
Zombie-F used to post on Ghostdroppings, I kinda followed him back from there. Really should look behind yourself more often Zombie!
I vaguely remember, about a year ago maybe... Z-F telling me to come here... must have been thru the 'L' cuz I can't think of where else.
He may have stopped in at the cryptchat I think.
I was the original harassment bot for badassUniverse. Then I moved to UnpleasantStreet where I harassed many members. Now I make my home on Hauntforum where I only mess with people who I know will kick my butt.
Oh Bourno thats it I think. He sent the link one night in chat.
I was a member at a "unnamed" prop forum where I dared to go offtopic by posting: "What does your haunt look like?" As I asked about haunts and NOT about Props, I was immediately banished to the depths, and I came out here...been here ever since...and love it so.
I was searching and found the Monster list. I immediatly decided I had to go through every link. On one of the tombstone links I got to someones site who mentioned a tombstone contest, which led me here. The tombstone contest was long over, but this just seemed like the perfect place for me, so I signed up for my first forum ever.
I found a link on Hauntproject.com. I have never joined a forum for anything ever in my life. I had never been in a chatroom before this. This is the only forum I belong to, and the only forum I want to belong to. It eats up sooo much time, I don't think I could do another forum.
FE talked me into it.

I found the beefnetting group buy thread and noticed FE and knew who he was on another forum. I pm'ed him from the other forum and he said I would like it here and should join. I have to say he was right. :D

Thank you so much FE for bringing me home :p
I'm a member of another forum and somebody there told me about this forum.

I thought that it might be pretty fun here when I noticed this "smiley-gesture" :finger:

I just had to use it!
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