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How to fix up bluckies?

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well i plan on getting 3 bluckies this year....what would be the best way for me to make em look...well better?

they come GID dont they? so i guess id have to spray paint them white first. then, should i paint the parts that whouldnt be there black? xacto knive them out?

i think im gonna xacto knife em, but fixing the arms/legs.....ive seen masking tape and stuff to make them 2 round bones....but im ont sure if that will look to unsmooth.

this is what i want basically. minus the new skull...

thats HibLaGrande's skeleton
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One place to start is the Monsterlist: http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/. There are a couple of links to tutorials on improving bluckies there. Hauntproject has some corpsing info with bluckies too: http://www.hauntproject.com/projdetail.asp?category=Corpsing.

Here are some other "how tos": http://www.spookylake.com/corpsing_a_blucky.htm


I'm going to be working on a couple of bluckies this year myself, so I'll be learning about it right there with ya!

HTH :)
Thanks for bringing this information to the front again. I have five of the things to do and this is going to help alot.
Thanks for the honorable mention Beepem. I would have to advise using a utility knife over an xacto, the plastic gets tough in some places and will probably snap and xacto blade. also heating the blade over a candle flame helps quite a bit.... please be careful as I did end up stabbing myself during this project.
I did use the masking tape and toilet paper mache an the arms. its not smooth but still looks better than the original. This method will not stand up to the weather though. The hands are from ACC.
thanks guys.

although i really hate when people tell me to look on the monsterlist as if i havent -.-

thakns though. spookylakes is what i had gotten the idea of making them better from. they didnt have much of a howto though

but still thanks.
Beepem said:
although i really hate when people tell me to look on the monsterlist as if i havent -.-
Same here. If I've already looked there, I state that on my posts so I don't get referred to what I've already reviewed. Besides, not everyone knows about the Monsterlist; I learned about it on the other Halloween forum last summer, myself... ;)
check this out http://anatomical.com/barticle.asp?ai=32
on skeleton repair ect.
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