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I hope everybody had fun this year. I passed out candy at my mom's house (I live in an apartment and people don't tot in the building, they just take their kids into the surrounding nieghborhoods). Mom's street had more trick or treaters than it has had in years, I actually ran out of candy, but by that time the trick or treaters were just about done anyway. It started raining pretty hard here about 8, which sucked. After seeing mom's neighborhood, though, I have decided the cute, smiley Walt Disney/Martha Stewart halloween decorations don't bother me as much as they used to, c'mon people, fill your yard with smiling ghosts if you want but do SOMETHING. I do have a couple new additons to my Halloween gripe list though, one is people who decorate the yard/house for Halloween but leave the porch light off, that makes no sense to me. And the other is rude, pushy trick or treaters.
My dad called from work to see how things were going and while I was on the phone with him some tots came up and apparently decided I was taking too long to get the door, so they started to come in to get the candy themselves. And when I ran out of candy I still had people banging on the door even though the porch light was out and trying to argue with me when I told them there was no candy left. I had one guy who was probably close to thirty years old come to my door without a costume or even a bag, he just held out his hands and said "trick or treat".I wished I had something really nasty to hand him, like a bunch of Mary Janes, but in another way it was kind of funny. Anyway, thats how my Halloween went, how was yours?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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