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After working nonstop since Thursday, we did manage to get up the castle and the major parts of the haunt. Beautiful weather here all day and night. I was expecting less than the 200 we had last year, but we went to 301 TOTers, and about 500 overall. Many adults with no children came, and then left and brought back friends. Some kids went through five or six times.
One really funny event happened though. I was in the driveway acting the Reaper part. A group of about 15 were at the head of the driveway working up the courage to come in. When out of nowhere from behind them came this guy dressed up as a Zombie. He had a movie quality facial makeup job, and a perfectly distressed suit. Just a fantastic overall effect. He stumbles through the crowd and comes in and really freaked them all out. I never broke my silence as the reaper, and pointed with a bony figure into the haunt, He turned and went in. Later I find out that he and my daughter scared the beejeebies out of each other where she was stationed, lol. Then he went past Black Cat and out of the haunt never once saying a word or breaking character, LOL. I still have no idea who he was.
But all in all people were very happy with the haunt and said it was our best to date, and thanked us on behalf of the children. It's what makes haunting really worthwhile.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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