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Howard Stern's Farewell To FM

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I thought it was good. I'm sure Howard held back some of WHAT he really wanted to say. I noticed that during his final farewell that parts of his speech were getting cut out. I'm not getting Sirius anytime soon.
Maybe when I have some extra money or get a better job in the future.
I might consider getting it. I'm bummed that they are not playing Best of Howard on my station. They got two of the worst dj's doing a show before Diamond Dave takes over.:mad: I'd rather hear Best of Howard myself.:p
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I won a Sirius system from work in Oct, so I will probably have to tune in.
Agreed. Why put two ****-bum weekend and night DJs on for the last two weeks of December when they could get better ratings with Stern re-runs?

I think I'm actually going to break down and buy it before he's on in January. Stern gets me through the morning at work and I think it'll help keep the morning rolling along better if I keep having Stern piped into my headset. I'll probably get the Sportster and a boombox to mount it in. What's cool is you can take the receiver and use it in your car and remove it to mount in the boombox so you can listen wherever you go.
What is even cooler Zombie is that you can listen to it on the internet anywhere without your receiver.
Yeah, I just discovered that. I'm listening to one of their Metal stations on their free limited trial thing. So far I've heard Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica, Lamb of God, Megadeth (Peace Sells!!!), Iron Maiden and a few bands that I don't know and the DJ didn't say. I bet if I had the receiver it would tell me the name of the song?

I'm actually going to wait until after X-Mas because I was going to get one today but my wife told me not to because I'm getting a gift from mom-in-law "That will help out" in buying one.

Plus, I think I'm just going to get the Starmate instead and just buy a dock for it to use with my boombox at work. No need in spending the extra $$ for the Sportster AND a boombox. :p

So far, I'm very impressed. I think I'll check out the Raw Dog channel next... uncensored comedy rules. :D
I forgot to listen in to the final show, it would have been cool to hear. I'm a hot and cold fan of Sterns so I'm not sure I'll fork out the $$ for the Sirius setup but who knows.

I went out and got it yesterday because I've been sitting here listening to their free sample on their web site non-stop for the past two days. Their rock stations play lots of stuff you will NEVER hear on the radio. Their metal station plays stuff you won't even hear on the late night heavy metal shows on your local station.

Just heard Metallica's rendidion of "So What?" unedited... on the radio followed by Megadeth's "Wake Up Dead". Lots of music I've never heard before too. If If I had the receiver next to me, I could tell you who they are (the receiver has a text display) but its not, so I have no idea who they are. :D
I checked out the free trial yesterday and its pretty good. My only gripe is that they don't have a PUNK channel. I love the metal station, but it would be cooler if they had an all punk station too.

I might breakdown and buy a portable Sirius device sometime in the future.
I checked out the Sirius store and I'm trying to decide which device would be in my budget.
They have a channel that plays punk, but it's not all punk. It's one of the "Alternative" channels. Heard Ramones "Teenage Lobotomy" on it yesterday.
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