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**** Hurricanes

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This is the official "**** HURRICANES" thread.

**** hurricanes. **** 'em sideways. **** 'em up their windy rainy asses. Oh, and **** flooding, leaking roofs and especially **** power outages.

**** 'em all. Big time.

That is all.
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Yeah, you guys have been getting F'd in the A down there this year.
Hmmm, I guess Renee finally made it to the board, LOL.:D
Actually, in a bizarre and shocking twist, that's Derek.

This sentence is here purely to reach the minimum length required to post a message. Please ignore it entirely. Minimum message lengths are gay.
I still have that on? Let me check on that.
I hear ya, Pete. although I am wickedly thrilled when in horrific weather. Don't ask. I don't want it for anyone else, but if I could keep it for me... to a degree. Oh well.

((waving from Mobile, Alabama))
Pete said:
Hmmm, I guess Renee finally made it to the board, LOL.:D
i don't get it? ..any way raxl just said he thought it was me too!!!! but seriously i do not get it...but i promise i am gunna be good this time :D
ps. i hate [email protected]#[email protected]#g hurricanes as well! but they say it may be the same this year!
Nope, it was Derek. The name "atkinsfan" refers to his love of movies with Tom Atkins (the guy in The Fog, Halloween 3, Night of the Creeps, etc...).

I hate Blizzards. **** blizzards right in their stupid asses.
lipstikgrl said:
ps. i hate [email protected]#[email protected]#g hurricanes as well! but they say it may be the same this year!
I think you may be right, lipstk. I'm STILL trying to recover from Ivan. We have been having some crazy-ass weather down here as of late: Lightning (It took out my DSL for a week that's why I haven't been on) Hail (We've had it; just not every friggin' time it rains) and the rain is so hard that it's impossible to see more than five feet in front of your car when you drive.

Yep, I think we be in fer a bad 'un this year. :(

I heard a rumor last weekend that there's going to be a hurricane week where weather supplies are not going to be taxed! So what, if anything have you guys heard? Rob? Renee? Tammy? Alex? Melody?
Well, looks like Hurricane Dennis has its "eye" on us this weekend. Me and Omega are stoked for bear and are hoping to ride the storm out watching Horror flicks. If you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know that much like Dorothy Gale, we ain't in Kansas anymore. Damn Hurricanes and their electricity robbing properties! :mad:
Heheh, this thread is nearly a year old now and still lives on. I suspect this will be the most long-lived thread of them all.
You are in all likelihood correct, Z. :D

Right now, Dennis is moving steadily toward the Gulf Coast like the unstoppable Juggernaut it is. Tied one on last night with some friends and watched The Chappelle Show Season 2. Feeling that I had to secure some more things before I'm without electricity for awhile, I also decided to post something before the inevitable occurs. I hope that the brunt of it veers away from us (we still have left-overs from Ivan around the area.) but it doesn't seem likely. If I don't post after a certain length of time when the juice comes back on, I want to say it has been nice knowing and posting with the lot of you. I would like to thank God, the Academy, my agent... :D

But seriously, keep your fingers crossed for us, people. We Thank You! Sinister
Good luck, man.
Looks like it's gonna spare us over here on the east coast.
Good luck Sinister. A Florida haunter I talk to was in the midst of it last night and he was lucky enough to still have his power as late as 11:00 PM. Don't know how he's doing today though. He said they were doing voluntary evacuations though, so it couldn't have been too bad if they weren't mandatory. Then again, any hurricane is a bad hurricane.

And Raxl, how the hell did I know you'd go for the Egon twinkie avatar? You bum.
*sigh* How this thread got put back to page 4 I'll never know, but it seems like we're going to have yet another visit from an unwelcome wind storm. Hurricane Katrina is in the Gulf now, and of this writing, I think she is a category two. I don't know what's up with Raxl and lipstik, but I think me, Omega, Pete and Nefarious have something to worry about. I swear these things need to go to Mexico and South America instead of here all the goddamn time. I'm sick of being without electricity, having to file insurance claims, eat junk food (except when I want to) and drink tepid drinks and water because the ice has long since melted. I suspect that you will see this thread as the main subject in The Off-Topic forum a couple of times more before the season is up. Then seven months will lapse and it will rear its ugly head once more. If Lady Luck is with me and things work the way I want, I'm getting the **** out of Florida soon. :( :mad:
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**** this! I love to watch the storms and stand outside in them, but this is ****ing ridiculous. Every time something starts going back to normal mother nature ups and ****s us over. :mad: **** on this situation!
I'm also awaiting to see what pest those dastardly winds bring this time. With Dennis, we recieved these these damn tiny roaches that weren't here before. It used to be these damn huge, ugly Palmetto bugs. With Ivan, it was these horrendous, almost indestructible Vampiric mosquitoes that are three times worse than your normal types. What is this, the Egyptian plagues? Will it be lice, frogs or even gigantic spiders? Who knows. It's not only damaging winds and no juice we're going to have to worry about when it blows over. :(
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