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i dont watch much real tv anymore cuase it mostly sucks. i am sick of reality show,that are not reality at all! i might just be to old for the sitcoms that are on tv,and i never was much for drama. still speand alot of time on the discoervey channel,history chan,ect. sometime tuner movie classic kicks some ass,sort of like a.m.c. use to befor they went to commercal veiwing.

lets not forget the sci-fi channel,waiting alost 8 years to get it and its the same crap every weekend. those lame made for scifi channel movie! people say the watch tem cause they are so bad,but then make fun of my 50's sci-fi collection,now thats worht a luagh!

tvland is another.dont get me wrong the show great classic,but the show the same thing all the time. i thought it would be like a network. different shows on each night of the week ,just like the old days but its noti couldnt even tell you what they show i never check any more.

welll there is my rant for what it is worth!
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