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what do you think will be your big prop for next year?

Im goign to have an organist, with some simple servos to let his torso move backward and forwards

and im goign to mount a bucky skull into my reaper, and give him a servo so as to play some stuff i will recors, and maybe have a simple servo to make his head move fro mside to side and make his arm go up and point :xbones:

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I might make a 16 foot animated monster, or make 10 animated props if time and money lets me

1. Trash Can Trama (1)
2. Hang Man (1)
3. Pop UP (2)
4. FenceThrasher (1)
5. Tombstone pop up (1)
6. Body Slinger (1)
7. Animated Grave Digger (1)
8. MIB (1)
9. Animated Crow (1)
10. Talking Pumkins figure about 6 feet tall (1)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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