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Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some photos of what I have been working on for the past 3+ months.





I used the original plans from Raven Manor and, like every one else who makes props, added my own customization. ;)

The plans very simple but you will have to fill in a lot if you decide to build this prop.

  • It was very time consuming > 3 months nights and weekends.
    (I think most of the time was spent with my customization)
  • It was fairly expensive.
    (10 Sheets of 4x8 1.5" foam sheets don't come cheap :()
    (1 4x6 sheet of Lexan for the front cost a few $$$ as well)

All things considered I still love this hobby /obsession.

I'm sooo burnt out,

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Hey ScareFX,

Thanks for the complement.

BTW If I haven't already said it I love the witch prop. I have been admiring it since I saw it on MOM.

Storage should not be a problem. Each panel is at most 4x7 x 3" thick. The whole thing should stack
to about 30" high under my deck. The big problem will be trying to keep the foam sheets from getting
beat up.

Yeah I hadn't noticed anyone else using a bent fence. I made them by using a PVC Heating blanket.
You could use a heating gun but the blanket made the work go really fast.
I really like the way the fence looks now with the plastic finials. Thanks

I think I'll try to go for a Haunted Mansion type theme.

Ghostly comical not gory.

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Hi Vlad,

Thank you.

I like the columns as well. My wife was trying to talk me out of using marble
because she said it didn't go. After she saw them she was convinced they did ;).

Real easy. They are black marble contact paper over construction tubes.
A lota easier than trying to Faux finish my self. :)

How did your walls eventually come out?
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