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idea for fence finials

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many of us are building the PVC cemetery fence - I know I am right in the middle of it. And Siggy had a great idea - I was wondering if anyone has done this?

She suggested putting little LEDs in the eyes of each skull whistle finial. I've seen project here using LEDs and if you started at the beginning with all the parts, it should be no great engeneering feat to wire the skull whistles with LED eyes and run the wire down each pipe, the out and collect them all in the power unit (with a battery) on the inside botton bar of the fence. Each section is independently powered this way using a simple AA battery.

It's too late in the process for me, but I wish this had come up in August - I would've done it for sure.

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Those would have to be some teeny tiny LEDs to light just the eyes of those small skull whistles.
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