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So I am doing a Halloween party this year and the theme is going to be a killers convention. So I was thinking of having booths or areas set up around the house to demonstrate things like:

Modern torture methods and how to set up a torture room
Most effective methods for removing body parts
Cooking lessons and recipes for human
Best wine pairing for each body part and organ
Stalking techniques: How to lure a victim if you are ugly
Decomposition: What happens after they die
Awards Banquet
Behind the Mask: Q&A with the Mad Mask Man

I'm a little panicked about it because it's the first theme I've done that I can't really just google ideas and get inspiration. This seemed like the perfect place to pick some creative brains that could help me come up with great decorations and ways to make this amazing! Anything you could think of or contribute would be so helpful!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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