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Don't underestimate a Google search - you might be surprised what you can find on the internet:devil: That aside, you might want to give some thought as to how gritty or gory your demonstrations are going to be. If the whole party is approached as tongue-in-cheek (think Monty Python skits), it will likely be much more entertaining and less likely to turn off your guests (the torture room being a potential problem child, depending on how family friendly your party is going to be).

Here is an article on human decomposition complete with a nice diagram:


Wine pairings can be entirely up to your imagination, but you could always start with a chart such as this one and make your best guest as to which body part most closely matches the type of food. You could recreate the chart and substitute body parts for the food items.


Any recipe can be reworded to include the desired ingredient substitution. You can have sample platters with printed recipe cards (and you can definitely find inspiration on line for fake body part dishes). Here is one example:


Butcher charts could be an inspiration for the body part removal display:

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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