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Welcome to the forum. Truthfully, as much tracking as there is on the internet, I sure as heck wouldn't google search all that! You might just get a knock on the door from the police... or the FBI!

Bare minimum, I'd search on duckduckgo.com which (at least claims) not to track your searches. Better yet, search through a VPN and DDG.

Now that the web safety commercial is over, sounds like a fun party... and a lot of work! Be sure to pace yourself, so you enjoy the party too. I've done those 'big parties' and obsessed over a crap-ton of details and in the end, it was the cat-n-box syndrome... I obsessed over a bunch of details I thought were the key to the show (brand new toys for a cat) and the guests (cat) didn't hardly even notice. Instead they gravitated to plain/normal things (the box the toy came in).

Either way, have fun!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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