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If you Can't Do Pneumatics, Get This!!!!!!

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Hi folks,

My wife and I stopped by our local Spirit Superstore that opened today for the Halloween season. The store manager demonstrated a very cool wireless remote controlled 3 foot tall electronic corpse lifter that worked like my pneumatic version. It's a skeleton in a grim reaper robe in a laying down position. Press the remote and a very strong and loud spring launches it up to the sitting position. While this is going on, LED's in the face come on and audio phrases start. When the routine is complete, a motor slowly lowers it back to the laying position. This thing will scare the heck out of TOT'ers.

I'm going back for a second one tomorrow. The mechanics looks pretty heavy duty and the best part is that it works on 4 "AA" batteries, and one 9 volt for the remote. It also comes with bags to fill with sand to keep it stationary, and believe me, you'll need them.

I did find a great video of it triggering which shows just how fast it is. Even my wife can't wait to trigger this thing on the kids, which really makes it even more fun that she's into it. Spirit has a 20% coupon that you can print out. The prop is $39.99 less 20%, believe me, you'll have a ball with this thing. Anyway, check out the video.

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Thanks for the info, I'm going to check them out tomorrow!`:D
Yeah, I have no doubt you'll love this thing. If you get one, just remember it needs to be staked or weighted down before you trigger it. For testing, you can hold the front down with your foot, but keep your face away from it..LOL
I'm guessing the real life one if faster than the video one:)
Cool, I'll be going to Spirit to check it out.
I'm guessing the real life one if faster than the video one:)
Yes, mine is.
You wouldn't have a link to that 20% coupon would you? I can't seem to find it.

Never mind, found it.
Severin <= === big blind dummy
I printed out the entire page as Spirit emailed me. I hope it won't be to large for you, but here it is.

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Thanks Richie! Now I have to go back today and spend more money, darn (hehehe). So what is this prop called, I didn't see it yesterday so I thought I would call first?
So what is this prop called, I didn't see it yesterday so I thought I would call first?
I took a photo of the box for you. I know you'll love this thing.

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Thanks Richie! I think I saw that somewhere else, maybe online and liked it but wasn't sure how it looked in real life. I really want to try my hand at pneumatics but was going to wait till next year, but this is even better. I even have that same coffin. I was going to put a motor in but now maybe I'll use it for the pop-up. Thanks for sharing and the pic.
WOO HOO sounds like a prop to hack to me
I'm interested in the mechanism running this thing. A spring and motor setup could be very useful. Can you give us an "under the cloak" look at this prop Richie?
(Doing the snoopy happy dance)

THANK YOU Richie!!!!!!!!! Hubby and I were just looking at that yesterday, and were wondering if it would be worth it... :devil: Thanks for the heads up!!!!

(sung to the tune of We're off to see the wizard): I'm off to buy the Reaper!!! Hehehehe
Can you give us an "under the cloak" look at this prop Richie?
Your welcome everyone.

Sure ScareFX, here is your photo. I put my hand in to give it some scale.

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I just picked up a second one as a spare. Naturally they trigger at the same time, which I knew they would. The great thing is the stereo effect when using them both together and separated by about 10 feet. The audio actually syncs exactly together. I like this better than my full size pneumatic.
Wow, this looks awesome!

Richie, regarding slightlymad's comment, do you think this thing has enough quality to stand up to some hacking?
Hi there Kung,

Once held in place correctly, it has punch to it. The PVC rod that supports the figure is in two detachable pieces. I'm sure it would really slam upwards if one was removed making it half as long. Replacing the skeleton with a different figure is easily doable. I suppose it depends on how far you intend to hack it. I can't say what the longevity is and the reason I purchased two of them. With the 20% coupon, I spent about $34.00 out the door. Considering what it does, I'd say it's worth you picking one up and seeing what you can do with it. I'd certainly love to hear how far hacking can go with it. I'd like to see if reprogramming it is possible, which I'm sure it what you have in mind. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Hi folks,

Here is the link to the main page of Spirit below. On the bottom right of the page you can sign up for the Email Only special offers. They'll send you the 20% off coupon should you find anything you wish to purchase from them.

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