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In Need of Some Ideas

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Hi everyone!

I've been trying to plan out my haunt, and I have a few props done. So far, I've got a cemetery fence/collumns, two scarecrows, tombstones, and a few other smaller things. I'm also planning on putting up some stocks of corn, to make the corner of the yard look like a miniature corn field.

However, I'm having trouble coming up with things to fill up space. I don't want the whole yard to be filled with tombstones, and I have quite a bit of space to fill up (roughly 50 X 30 ft).

I love the style of Sull And Bone and Pumpkinrot, and the theme of the haunt is sort of a pumpking patch planted in a cemetery :))). Do you have any cheap ideas?

Thanks in advance!!
- Rod
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Make a pumpkin rot style creature but combine it with a ground breaker. You have a pumpkin patch in a graveyard right? Well, how about this: The tormented souls of the dead have tainted the pumpkins, filling them with their evil and anger. The pumkins have grown into a gian evil creature, bent on destruction and revenge. You could make some kind of pumpkin patch that has a huge creature spilling from the centre, a pumpkin head with smaller ones growing from it, lots of vines, leaves, dead branches, spiders, rats etc, maybe a skull or two corpsed out and covered with leaves.
As for construction of it, paper mache, look around for ideas on how to make the head, use fake ivy, chicken wire real dead branches, fall leaves, whatever is available. Corpse a few blucky bits to throw in there, let your imagination run wild!

Sorry for the mega post but I had an idea and ran with it LOL!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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