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I went to a ****ign immense gig yeterday.

the band: Marmaduke Duke
the venue: a tiny 300 ex prison library called the reading rooms in dundee

When a band comes on stage, you expect them to get crazy nearer the end right?

not this gig, front man Simon Neil of Biffy clyro comes on, and starts going absolutely ****ign mental and thrws himself into the crowd, pushing the amp in front of him into the crowd, and almost onto the floor.

The Stage had no barriers surrounding it, and so anyone could get onto it, which resulted in a few crowdsurfers landing on stage.

Here is a one of the Pictures I took:

This is when Simon knelt in front of me and faced bassist James Johnston and started going mental, and screaming.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, best gig ive ever been to.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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