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Hello Haunters and Halloween enthusiasts: After a big slowdown for us Gig Workers during Covid19 slowdown of our industries, we are back with 6 new FX titles. Our items are USB flash drive and Digital Download, and contain 10-40 scenes per product. Lots of choices. We sell USBs here: HolidayVideo - Etsy and Digital Downloads at www.outrageous-media.net

OM2022-1: Virtual Gangsters

A unique, one-of-a-kind Video Projection Effects series [as well as stock footage], along the lines of 1920’s Gangsters with Tommy Guns, who fire their guns in a variety of backgrounds. In several scenes they guns blow holes in the window glass in the foreground; when YOU project these in your window an illusion is created that the Gangster is actually shooting holes in your own window. Very realistic.

OM2022-2: Skeleton Ghost Clones

A series of Skeleton Ghosts Scenes made from our “Spirits of Darkness” walking skeleton ghosts. Skeleton Ghost Clones has many skeleton ghosts walking down a wide staircase. As they reach the front edge of the scene they vanish. Scene options include a couple of different backgrounds.


A very unique ghost series, where the ghosts are primarily made of vaporous smoke, billowing out of a human shape. Quite mysterious and spooky. 11 variations are included, with 1 Ghost and more floating around the screen, with background ranging from Black, to Fog, to a Wall, to a Cemetery.

OM2022–4: Zombie Ghosts

Ghosts of Zombies appear in a variety of backgrounds from black, to fog to walls, to cemetery 1 - 6 zombies. The youtube demo below shows highly detailed examples of the content and usage.

M2022-5 Virtual 3D Graveyard

Is a series of 20+ Virtual 3D Ground Video fx, that look 3D when viewed from an elevated view point. Virtual 3D was invented by Jon Hyers - Outrageous Media, the founder of Digital Decor [circa 1978] during a large visual effects job at a museum in Russia in 2007.


A Video Projection Effects series [as well as stock footage], with Ghosts of various Historical Characters, [no one specific from history] which includes Soldiers, Victorian Characters, a King, Corpse Ghost and Scared Ghost with Candle, Woman Ghost. The demo video shows the exact content in great detail

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