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Jones Soda

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Okay folks, if you are willing, I could use your vote for me to be on the Jones Soda Label for their Halloween pop bottles. I uploaded my recent film zombie pic.

Try this http://www.jonessoda.com/gallery/index.php?

My photo number if you you don't see me: 759496

I guess this is in retaliation for all their cutsey pictures they do for their labels during Halloween! :devil:


Robert Bryce Gardner
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I voted...I thought your first name was Bryce..but I see it's Robert. That's my name too. Do you go by Bryce? Robert? Bob? Bobby? Mr. Gardner?
Mr. Gardner sounds too much like my RIP father! LOL Nope, I just go by Bryce. It's confusing to a lot of people who don't know me because all forms ask for first names given at birth, not what name I go by. :D

Makes it easy to weed out junk mail most of the time, though! LOL

Thanks for your vote, my friend! A real worthwhile scare on a bottle sure would be nice!
Yea, I'd like to see that pic on there too. Not sure it would increase my appetite for soda, but it would be cool to see it there.
LOL That's why I figured I'd do greyscale. Not too much of a chance it passing the review board in full bleeding color on a bottle of Red Punch! :p
Voted for ya too sickie..good luck
Mine too. Hey...post a picture of the bottle if win!
Thanks guys! Maybe this will convince the soda company that "scary is so very..." :)
Thanks Wyatt. :D
I just voted for ya Sickie my dear! :> I really like it! I'd love to see your pic on a bottle, it would go nicely with my can of Energy drink with Bags on it! Hmmm... i just may be starting a collection here..... :devil: hehehe
Thanks folks! :)
hmmmmmm.....do I like it better on top or bottom? :devil:
I voted for you Ickie.
I voted for you. I will vote for you at work on Monday too! Good Luck!
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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