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Just bought a Gemmy animatronic.

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I just bought a Gemmy animatronic pirate skeleton from BuyCostumes.com for $30, marked down from $180!!! What to do, what to do...
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No, I'm just telling about my great purchase.
Great purchase.

Is it a singing, dancing skeleton? Does it sing "Legs", "Superfreak" and other classic rock songs?

Which one did you get?
Yes, it sings and dances, its this one.
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Score! Terrific price too.

I love Gemmy. I have tons of their stuff.

Enjoy it.
I have same exact one ..he's funny
here is mine singing in the bar at skull island
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Very nice purchase.
I bought a couple of their animated props in 2006. I couldn't have been more pleased for the price.
I'm not seeing it on the site anymore :(

Are they sold out? or can someone provide me with the link directly to the item?
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