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Just me joining the fun

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Hi everyone,
I was brought here by Vlad & Black Cat. I want to
thank them for the invite. I like what I see on the forum and I
am looking forward to posting. I hope what I have to contribute
is enjoyed by all.
I love Halloween and always have as long as I can
remember. I am not a pro hanuter and I am just learning how
to do props. I love to decorate my home & enjoy the
holiday with my family. I am eager to learn so I will be asking
questions and I hope ya'll will share your knowledge with me.
Happy Haunting,
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Welcome home Vampyre, I know you'll like it here.
Welcome to the Street.
Sharing the knowledge and having a good time talking about Halloween and Horror movies is what this place is all about. Welcome to the forums!
Welcome, welcome!
Welcome to board, street whatever you want to call it! It's like one rockin graveyard here! :xbones: :jol: :voorhees:
Welcome to the street vampyre!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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