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2 more dead dogs found in rural Washtenaw County

Francis X. Donnelly / The Detroit News

SUPERIOR TOWNSHIP ---- The bodies of two more dogs have been discovered in eastern Washtenaw County, bringing to nine the number that have been found in 11 days, investigators said Tuesday.

The two pit bulls were discovered by residents Monday afternoon in separate locations within a three-mile radius of the other animals in Superior Township just east of Ann Arbor, according to the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

Neither of the young male dogs was decapitated like four of the other seven dogs, said Tanya Hilgendorf, executive director of the humane society.

Hilgendorf also announced Monday that the reward for anyone helping solve the case has risen to $13,000.

Besides the dogs, more than 30 foxes, coyotes and deer have been discovered in the same three-mile area since January. Most were skinned and some beheaded.

The humane society believes the skinnings and decapitations are connected but still have many questions about the case, including how and where the animals died.

Julie Curtis, animal cruelty investigator for the humane society, said she is wading through 250 phone calls from people reporting suspicious actions and people.
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