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Just something weird

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As I was taking my sign downstairs last night, my dog started barking and I heard a weird noise. Didn't know where it was coming from. So I went about my business and then I heard it again.
Thought that sounds familiar.
So after about 5 times I figured out what it was.
I have a motion activated Gargoyle in a covered tub, that is in a dark closet.
It started going off when I took sign down to hang in bar..
I haven't heard it today yet but thought it was pretty funny.
I know I turned that thing off.
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doo de doo doo...dooo de dooo dooooo
That's funny! You got yourself.
At least you were brave enough to investigate!! I would have prob called you first then you would have talked me into checking it out and as i was doing that you be freaking me out on the phone!!! haha
That's why I like this site. You can say things like "I have a motion activated gargoyle in a covered tub ... in a dark closet" and everyone knows what you are talking about cause we all have something weird in our closets. If I were to say something like that at work people would freak out. You all are so my kind of people.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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