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I'm sorry and this is rather petty maby even stupid to some... but I just got home from a Cub meeting witch I am Jr leadering for. Well right after us there is schegualed a basketball. Well we of course are running our program and they decide to show up early... that I didn't bug me... and I didn't mind when they walked in and stood there... but when they started to walk in and out of the doors and make noise while we were trying to invest. Really got me a little peeved.
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It's happened to me at Scout meetings also Clay. I've been known to stop for a moment, and whisper to someone to go talk to their coach or the kids themselves. Don't put up with it. You can also report it to whatever organization is letting you use the rooms.
yeah, I didn't mind it as much as if it contiuosly happend. The group after us almost never shows up at all so we normaly have a bit of leeway, not much but enofe. I can't complain though last time they had to put up with us walking in and out carrying stuff and folding tarps while I was singing farwell to Nova Scoita (Still on our own time though). And the cartaker knows too, I think she probly had a talk with the guy after wards... The cartaker always knows Vlad...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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