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Just want to share some Drawings I did at YouDraw.com

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Hey everyone,
I have been going to youdraw for years and have drawn many pics,heres a link to check them out,even comment on them,or go there and do a picture search typing in my name Paco Hoopingarner




hope yous like them.

heres some of my freehand drawings and paintings....alot of my newer drawings isnt on here.


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My freehand stuff is alot better,just took some time to get use to the mouse drawing with that only.

very nice, love to see some of that freehand stuff of yours!
Mouse drawing is not easy! Good stuff.
Those are amazing. WOW
hey Frighteners,I edited top and put a link to some of my freehand stuff.

I agree with your favorite, Indian Father. Very Nice.
Those are very very nice, you are talented!!
I would like to design a T-shirt for this site.
Hell, I gotta get you to draw some Monsters Unleashed! stuff!:smoking:
Very nice work
You're one amazing talent. If you somehow make a tee for the site, I'd love to buy 2 of them. One for me, one for framing.

Although on the black and white stuff on youdraw.com, is that just ink and paper or are you painting? The black on the site is so dark...it's beautiful!
its a draw pad and you have 2 sizes and 2 erasers you have to cut lines to make them smaller,hard sometimes but worth it,I will post more of my freehand stuff very soon.

Hey RAXL,let me know we could work something out.

Excellent work! Very talented indeed.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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