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WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Doctors are concerned Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards could suffer from brain damage after undergoing two surgeries following a fall while holidaying in Fiji, the New Zealand Herald reported on Wednesday.

The newspaper said Richards had undergone an operation at a hospital in New Zealand on Monday to relieve a blood clot on the brain which involved drilling a hole through the skull. Subdural hematoma can be caused by mild knocks to the head.

His London publicists confirmed on Monday that he had surgery but did not disclose the details. They said it was a success and he was expected to recover in a few weeks.

The Herald said Richards had his first operation on April 28 to stop bleeding in his skull.

A spokesman at the Ascot Hospital in Auckland declined to comment on the report.

Richards' two daughters -- 21-year-old Theodora and 19-year-old Alexandra -- were also reported to have arrived at Auckland's Ascot Hospital on Tuesday to join their mother at Richards' bedside.

The 62-year-old rocker had been under medical observation in Auckland following the fall in late April.

Richards was flown to Auckland after the accident while holidaying in Fiji following the end of the Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand leg of a world tour. :( :( :( :(

-sigh- get well Keith.
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