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Dear Beer, Thanks. :D
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Hey Everybody,
Looks like I came in just under the wire, I didn't get a chance to take the night shots I wanted to, but that's ok, I'm just glad we got it done on time and under budget!
Laurie (my partner in crime) and I enjoyed this build tremendously, the price restriction really made us think about materials and techniques in a whole new light.
With the exception of the 2" foam, we had most of the materials in stock from other projects (we never throw anything away!) Nevertheless, we prorated everything pretty generously.

For more photos as well as instructions, please see our tutorial: http://www.fulcrumsites.com/haunt/html/the_guardian.html

Behold: The Guardian!

List of Materials: Cost:
Half sheet of 2" pink foam: $6.75
2 pieces of lawn edging: $7.28
32" of chicken wire: $2.00
1 can of black spray paint: $2.00
Spray adhesive: $1.50
20 1 1/2" screws: $1.50
1 quart total various colors of Oops latex paint (gray & black) $1.25
White glue $1.25
2 scrap pieces of pink foam: free
1 1/2 wooden dowel: free
Heavy duty aluminum foil: $ .50
Construction adhesive (PL400): $ .50
Green spray paint: $ .50
20 sheets of paper towel: $ .25
Newspaper: free
Sculpy horns: $1.00
Total: $26.28

total height: 40"

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