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Kid-friendly haunt - Opinions needed

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:undecidekin:1st - sorry if this is in the wrong place.

So I've said we're going to do a full-blown haunt for charity. Now we're trying to decide if we want to do a scary haunt geared for teens/adults or doa kid friendly haunt.

St. Louis has, arguably, two of the best haunts in the country so they have the scare factor (and money) on their sides. That's leading me to think about doing something different. Maybe a walk through geared toward the kids - more whimsical I guess.

There's a lot of kids in the area and most of our friends have little ones (how we ended up being the oldest ones in the group is beyond me). So I'm trying to decide what theme to use - fast - so I can get started.
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Charlie brown and the great pumpkin of course. I am actually planning on creating all of the charlie brown characters for the side of my display this year. I bought the original book from 1967 to get the true colors for clothing as the updated book is illustrated different.

I figured make each character about 3 feet tall out of a bride of articulation and foam. Make the heads out of paper mache if needed and seal them all. Then I could pose them any way I needed. I even thought about making a pumpkin thief for the great pumpkin that would show up on Halloween only.

That would be my theme for a kid friendly haunt. No gore, no blood, just charlie brown and spiders :)
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