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I really have a hard time explaining Gwar to people. Their stage show is like watching the mighty morphing power rangers on a really bad heroin trip. Lots of fake blood spraying all over, giant carnivorous vaginas eating people, gang rape, mutilations,ect. All done in a morbid comic book style of humor in over the top props and costumes. Nothing is sacred they sing songs that only Gwar could pull off. The music is pretty heavy but it is only a small part of the whole gwar experience. I've been to 4 of their concerts always on halloween in chicago, had a blast every time. They also have an alter ego band called X-cops which is just as tasteless.
I guess in a nutshell take Alice Cooper,Jerry Springer,the muppets,wierd Al,Trixie the "two toofed" crack whore,Genghis Khan and a handful of inmates from state hospital for the criminaly insane. throw them in a blender with a host of narcotics, blend well. Feed the mixture to a three legged demon named Bob. When Bob the demon ****s Gwar will pop out with smiles on their faces.:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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