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:D Warner Home Video has announced that Peter Jackson is helping to produce bonus materials for the DVD debut of the 1933 KING KONG.

The director is working on a new two hour documentary on the making of the movie, which be included in a two-disc set. In addition, there will be a documentary on director Merian C. Cooper and commentary from Ray Harryhausen, actress Terry Moore & Ken Ralston.

There will be two versions of the set: a two-disc special edition and a two-disc collector's edition packaged in a collectable tin. The tin will also include "a 20-page reproduction of the original souvenir program, postcard reproductions of the original one sheets, and a mail-in offer for a reproduction of a vintage 27-by-41-inch movie poster."

Warner will also be putting out a four-disc set that features KING KONG, THE SON OF KONG, and MIGHT JOE YOUNG.

The DVDs will hit shelves on November 22nd.
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