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half can black spray paint 1.00
half a can white spray paint 1.00
little bit of red spray paint 1.00
wood from the blasting box and sign freebie from a closet we got rid off i kept the wood
rope of some tent kind of thing my brother threw away b/c it was ripped i saved the rope from it freebie
scrap pvc for dynomite and blasting box handle freebie
kerosene glass jug flea market 5.00
4th bucky skull 12.95
tide i swiped from the laundry room freebie
twine pennies at most 50 cents
electrical tape maybe 25 cents
half a old cement block from outside i dunno where it came from or why its in my yard but im calling that one freebie
the new cement block we bought 2 years ago for somthing but i dont have a price i need a little bit of help on this one.
blacklight bulb 12 bucks

Total 33.70


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Very Fine work Krypt..
great photo setting... love the blue green look
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