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Here is my entry for the contest.

Material used/cost

Clear santa figurine $Free
31 plastic ants .62 (100 ants for $1.96)
1 1/2 hot glue sticks .63 (12 sticks for $5.00)
chicken bones $Free
Beef ribs bones $Free
12 foot of fishing line $3.44 (700 yards for $6.00)
Christmas Bell necklace $Free
Plastic skull ring $.02 (20 skulls for $1.00)
Total project $4.71

Clean / boil and bleach bones then dry them in the sun.. Drill small hole about 1/2 inch from the ends of each bone. Use fishing line to string the rib bones together. Tie a knot at one end of each bone. I used 4 bones stringers.
Drill 4 holes evenly spaced at the base of the figurine. Tie the bone stringer to the figurine with fishing line. Then hot glue the smaller chicken
bones to the figurine and then the ants on top of that. Cut the ring part off the skull ring and hot glue the skull to the top of the christmas tree part of the figurine. Drill hole thru the head of the santa and run a piece of fishing line to use as a hanger. Hot glue the bell necklace inside the figurine (that is the noise maker of the chime)
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:jol: LadyS, very cool bit of twistedness on your part. Poor Santa covered with ants, ha, ha. Love the bones and the whole look of it. It is the sickest windchime (or should I say bone-chime?) I have ever seen! (and I mean that in a totally Halloween way!):D

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My dog would like to take a closer look at this prop:D

Definitely has a voodoo vibe and I really like the creative use of dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones:jol:
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