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Lagrousome's Sign Of The Times Entry

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OK, here it is. I can't believe I even got this finished!
I wanted a sign that would welcome everyone to our Halloween gathering. I have decided to name our little part of the world for Halloween "Lagrousomeville".
I want to say "thank-you" to everyone on this site that has been such an inspiration! I hope you enjoy.

Materials List & Cost Breakdown:
Bottom Post: $7.00 ~ Picked this up at a garage sale
Top Post: Free ~ It was off of our screened-in canopy tent we put up on our deck, but didn't need one section of one corner.
Rod: Free ~ This was part of an old curtain rod I wasn't using.
Crow: Free ~ Just laying around in the garage. But if I needed to buy one, they run about $8.00, so I'll include that.
Sign Board: $8.00 ~ 2' x 4' section of insulation board
Top Piece of Wood on Sign: Free ~ It was scrap in the garage
Paint: $10.00 ~ Used only about 1/2 gallon
Screws, Etc.: $5.00 ~ Estimated. I had all the screws, chains, laying around in the garage.
Total: $38.00

Basic How To:
The sign is made from insulation foam board & I added a piece of scrap wood to the top to add the eye screws & chains. The bottom part of the post is made of wood and the top section is like a thin aluminum. I painted them to match, screwed them together and drilled holes in the top to put in the curtain rod. The crow was attached with craft wire.
I named our "city" Lagrousomeville......that one's an obvious, and we were established in 1840....which is our house #.
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WoW! That is a cool sign Lagrousome! I like it!

I really like the way it looks lit up!!! Nice job! :>
Looks like you have that foam burning figured out now! Great job with the lettering, nice signpost....classy!
I really like the style oif the sign and you did well with it's construction.

Terrific job!
As Elvis would say...Thank you, thank you very much!
Hey, I recognize the witch.

Good job. What is the base made out of? Is that one of those ceramic pillars?
Looks good. I don't see anything in your parts list for lighting, but in the dark shots it almost looks like it's being lit from the inside. Must be the reflective qualities of the paint, which makes the effect all the more excellent. Well done.
nice! you have a very clean looking sign - great job - and did anyone else think that there was a severed leg in the first picture? after viewing it close up i realized it wasn't - i was getting excited there for a little bit - haha
The base is an old wooden stair post (newell post I think they call it).
The lighting was just a spot light I use in my landscaping, but in the "blue" shadow pic, I pulled out a blue spot light I use at Halloween for my entire house and then also shined a flashlight on the sign at the same time.
I never realized it, but yeah, it does look like a leg in the one pic...boy am I talented or what with shadow effects!!! HaHa!
And yes, thank you for noticing my witch! I wondered if anyone else would catch that! I thought it was quite fitting! (The only problem is now she's flying in the wrong direction) life imitating art??? art imitating life???? I always seem to be going in the wrong direction!!LOL
Excellent! Looks great under any lighting!
Thanks! I wanted a sign that would look nice during the day also with some of my props. So many things I do look kinda "dull" and "plain" without the lighting effects on them. I'm trying to do props that look good even in the day. I like to decorate outside so much, I wanted to enjoy it 24/7!
Sign looks excellent. I noticed immediately the similarity between the sign and the avatar. What I missed was the "leg".
Sweet! Very clean and professional-looking. And you're right, it looks just as good in the daytime as it does with lighting. Excellent sign!
wow great job with the sign.
Very Nice Lagrousome..It does look lit from inside.
Thats okay your witch going dif direction ..you witches fly any witch way you can...
nice touch with the crow!
good job
yep i thought there was a leg there -but i was wrong
thats a very nice sign-good job
Very Nice (I thought it was illuminated too!) - Good optical illusion!
I like the sign..Looks good. Like how it looks with the lighting on it at night.
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