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Hey Guys
Yea I haven't been able to do as much as I would like. I had the whole basement all to my self for a few years. Then I had to build two bedrooms for my sons down there. So now I work on the washing machine.lol Its sad but I just finished building a whole shop into the wash room and maybe this year I'll get going again.

Is this more expensive than plastic chain?
I used very little latex and pipe cleaner are cheap so it should be a lot cheaper then plastic chain. And because i paint the latex on there is no wasted latex.

customized hooks and spikes
I wanted to do more than chain to show the stuff you can do with this. I was think of making a low voltage light fixture using 1/2 pvc as the base with all types of latex & pipe cleaner or wire things hanging from it. I'll post it when I start it.

Thanks Guys
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