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latex hands !HELP!

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i have latex and some cheese cloth and want to make a zombie hand glove. i tried using the latex on my hand but when i removed it it would stick to its self and end up as a piece of wasted latex. can anyone help me out ?
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You can powder the latex slightly with baby powder before you take it off, and on the inside as you are taking it off....this will help the sticking problem. Good luck!
Iam guessing that you want to end up with a zombie costume glove. I would start with a cheap cotton glove that is used in paint shops or some manufacturing shops, auto body shop ect. Generally these are ment to be a throw away glove to begin with. Then apply the latex to that instead of trying to make a glove on you hand. After the latex dries you can stain or paint it as you wish to get the desired effect. Hope that helped.
Hi Grim. why not just start off with a pair of latex surgical gloves, stuffed to shape, and build up off of those.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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