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LED Spotlights

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I made two types of LED Spots for my yard. 9V battery powered and power via old wall wart from a portable phone or dead mp3 player. Got a drawer full of 'em. The 9V ones have been running from dusk till 11 pm for several nights, probably need batteries this weekend. Nice thing is they don't require cords and can be placed anywhere you need light. I'm waiting for my order of UV LEDs for the next batch.

Hope the pics are self explanatory. Be sure to follow all codes and electrical safety regulations. Here's a link for LED resistors and schematics per your voltage selection and choice of LED's. http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz

1 1/2" PVC, mitred for spotlight tube
Drill hole for mounting screw into 1x4 wood base
Use soldering iron to make holes for LED leads in 35mm film canister cap
Make connections and fill cap with hot melt glue
Use heat shrink tubing or electrical tape on connections
Hot melt holds LEDs in place
Run leads out hole in bottom of canister and seal cap with hot melt
Wired for 9V battery
Drop in spotlight tube
Painted PVC black on outside, silver metallic on inside
Wall Wart version
Wall wart version plugs into timer for auto shutoff or motion detector for auto ON!

for Sgt Dr Pepper : here's a photo taken in the basement, it's raining hard outside now. I'll get some yard shots when it clears up. I don't know what you can tell from this picture, but the spots work great outside in the dark when placed anywhere from 3' to 6' away from the target. The LED's are 20 degree spots so the field is narrow. 4 or 5 LED's in each spot.

The little blue pinpoints of light are 4 LEDs mounted on a PVC collar that screws onto the output side of my vortex fog chiller, makes the fog bright blue for about 4 or 5 feet out into the yard, very cool looking. Powered by a 9V

I illuminate a spooky yardsign (a la Zombie F) and a large hanging ghost in green, some ghoulies and a witch crash on the tree in blue - - the blue LED's actually cause the flourescent paint on the witch crash sign to glow brightly. Says, "Don't drink and fly". Cute, huh? Doesn't stop me, I can't fly anyway. . .
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This is an awesome post!

An alternate method which I futzed with tonight was to use prescription bottles from the drug store. They are big enough that I think I can contain the battery IN the bottle also - then drop it into the barrel.
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