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Less Than 100 Days!!!

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99 Days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
99 Days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock

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Yes, we're finally out of the triple digits as far as days go. Now if we could just get out of the triple digits as far as heat goes...! :D
Yeah, maybe it will have finally cooled down by Halloween. :voorhees:
I can't wait .. I will have my new house to decorate the porch :D I have been living in an apartment WAYYY to long! I will have to take pic's when it is all decorated :p
I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling the crunch already!
Blackwidow said:
I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling the crunch already!
Yeah, now that we're down to just 93 days I really feel the crunch. I try to be done with this year's new additions by the beginning of October, but realisitcally, I'm not truly done until October 30th.

I still have to make my own LED spotlights, rig up a power supply for them (that is waterproof), and build the "In Case of Vampires Break Glass" box.

Oh yeah, and re-build the obelisk. So little time, and so much heat to make me not want to be out there doing any of it.
The heat and humidity is a big factor for me too...it's hard to get motivated when you're totally miserable.

I like the "in case of vampires" box, that's a cool idea :)
With the greatest day of the year looming ever closer, I think we need to keep this particular thread bumped up, so we can rejoice and keep hope alive by exclaiming "Only eighty days to go...Only seventy days to go...Only..." or something along those lines, maybe talk about new props, ideas or what stores are selling what. At any rate, consider this thread "bumped." :jol:
88 days and counting.
88 more days... that means that they're a whole lot less until school starts. Thats one of my biggest problems- when school starts I have absolutely no free time to do much halloween stuff. This causes me to day dream about halloween stuff in class, which is never good. So I basically only have a month to do all of what I want to do.

This is falling too far down the forum for my liking. Time to give it a bump with 80 days and counting.
For me, it's really a 49 day count at this point. That's when I start pimping out my yard with creepy crawly stuff.

And damn you Sinister! You beat me to bumping this thread. :p
It is surely getting close, the "I have nothing out and it is Halloween day" dreams have already started! Maybe it is my noggin telling me to get back to work! I can't wait till the first prop is put out.
75 days people! We're moving right along now.
My stomach just did a flip-flop when I read that! :eek:
Only 74 more days and the clock is quickly running down. I have two haunts to build this year A Road Kill Cafe for a 4X4 Spook Rally and my own haunt which is leaning towards a "Lost Miners Mine-"ish theme. I need to build a facade and atleast a couple of props for both still.

I did make a couple of the Glowing Lanterns (easy to do and inexpensive) that are on the projects page here and they turned out great. They are going to light the tunnel into the mine. I want to build a bottomless pit for the mine still and I need to paint the canvas that is going to make the cave/mine walls.

For the Cafe, I need to make a few kills that the other Rally participants can order from. (The people participating in the rally are given a clue to use to get to the check point. At the check point, they get another clue to another check point.) I have a javelina skull that I plan to use with red LED lights in the eye sockets. I need to make a carcas for it though. ant that is only one of the props I wanted to make...

Is any one else starting to feel the crunch?
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Haasmama said:
Is any one else starting to feel the crunch?
Boy am I. Before this October, I still have to finish:

  • "In Case of Vampires, Break Glass" Box
  • Build two weatherproof 12v power supplies for my LED spotlights
  • Build six (maybe more) LED spotlights
  • Build a frame to mount the FCG onto since the room it goes in is now our new bathroom and I promised my wife I wouldn't put any holes in the new ceiling.
  • Mount the electronics for the Shaking Skellie cage inside a barrel to better hide the motion sensor.

Doesn't sound like much, but I need to finish alot of that BEFORE October.
*BUMP* We are now just 70 days away. :jol:
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