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Lilly's Monster Mud Entry

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The Crreeep

My first attempt at MM
1 king size sheet cut in 4's.... ( $1 a whole sheet at love shop) use 1 square
cut one of the sheets in half again ( robe and hood 2 parts)....25 cents
1> 5 gallon > bucket> remove later when almost dry,
or it wont come out... free
1 balloon > remove when dry.....05 cents
masking tape> 2 strips 10 inches long each... remove when dry......05 cents
1 3x3 piece wood to set balloon on..removed when dry.....free
wire and tent stakes > remove when dry...free
MM with black paint
black spray paint...99 cents
1- 100 string lights..... $1.00 on sale last yr
blow balloon up to size wanted
tape to a piece of wood that is then taped to bucket, 4 sides to hold up
pour MM into a cat litter box
run sheet thru mud and cover all front and back
ring out
drape sheet over balloon to form head area
drape other part of sheet over head area to make hood part
let dry remove bucket<next day then ...balloon...wires...tent stakes when all dry
spray paint over entire object
set string of lights inside bottom area ..plug in
total ------$2.35
Height --------about 20 inches
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Great idea Lilly! And very inexpensive too! I love the idea of no body there, just a form!
I like it Lilly! Cool little prop, and very unique idea to make it completely hollow. I could see making something like this and installing a pneumatic spitter.....
Very creapy! I love it. I would have a hard time walking by it too. I would think that it was someone waiting to pounce... oh the anticipation!
I love that there is nothing there, very erie. Nice job.
I love the red light glowing out of the place where a face would be... very creepy! Kudos to you Lilly!!!
Lots of originality with this contest.

Good job, lily.
Great idea, an invisible 'thing' in a cloak that glows red by night. Very Nice!
I like that idea! Makes me think of Tolkein's Nazgul... you see the cloaks, but not the guy inside.
Lilly, that's fantastic!!!! Just the figure with no body really makes it creepy.

Great job!
Great work Lilly! I love the texture of the sheet!
very nice- iwould have never guess with your teaser pics ;)
Thanks everyone..
I was thinking this was going to be hard to do since I never used the MM before, but once I started ..away I went.
Also wanted something that I didn't have to build a "body" for too. The bucket worked nicely..this time.
Glad you all like him!!
After the contest I'll introduce you to his friends
Awesome Lilly!!!!! That is a very cool idea!!!!!!! Ya make it look so easy!! :p LOL I cant wait to see his friends!!! :devil: hehehehehe
Nice job Lilly. I love the lights glowing from inside.
Thats crazy - great job... I couldn't really figure it out from the first picture - then saw the others and go "wow"

very cool! Great Job
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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