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Looking for a easy how too on Pueumatic's...

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I've read almost every how too there is online but I'm still left with questions...Like what size of compresser I should buy and what way should I go! buy all the parts or make the parts that I can with the how too that are out there?...What I wish I could find Is someone with a how too with pics that shows all the hook ups from the compresser to all the fittings I need, then the hook ups to the prop and the different ways to pop the prop...Pueumatics is all new to me and I would love to learn all the ways to use air in my haunt I have used all types motors and have seen so many of the members props that I think that is somthing I need in my haunt...any help would be great....:voorhees:
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I'll try to have something available to look at this Dec.
Technical Terror and Terror by Design both put out great books you can buy. I'm in the midst of getting my stuff together to make Ron (Techincal Terror)'s Barrel Prop, which I would consider a good beginner for pneumatics. You can PM Technical Terror for details, or do the "free" thing on the Monster L list.
I've seen your post on HalloweenForum, did you check out deathlord.net? I thought his site was pretty good. Are you against using washer machine valves and screen door closers? I saw the thread started by another member of Halloween Forum, although his intentions are good, I think a beginner would be overwhelmed using all of those expensive components. I would be glad to help you. However, all of my props use the cheaper items mentioned above. If that's what you want to try, I can help.

As far as the size compressor, I have a 22 gallon 5 hp. You can get away with a smaller one, but if you ever want to run multiple props, and you will, I would get a decent size one. I ran 6 off of mine this year.

Let me know if I can help.
Oct31man I think your the guy I been looking for!!!!Let first start by saying I would Like to go the cheapest route possible...All the stuff u metioned is ok by me and I have know problem with using washing mach. valves/screen door closer, I have seen many how too's using these things but never 1 how too showing the whole set-up start to finish...I always like to go the cheapest route with all my props as long as they are safe i'm good to go and any and all help would be great hope to hear from ya!!!:voorhees:
Ok, I made a video how to. I am waiting for it to upload now. I had to make 3 videos due to file size, I'll post them as soon as I get them uploaded.
cool I'm also on right now just got in from work...
Here's the first video...
I hope this helps!
Ok, here's the second.
right on!! that frist vid was a good start for me I think I'm getting it u the man thankz for now...
Here's #3
I cant watch the 3rd vid but I think I am on my way to building a prop I just have to write out the stuff all need...
I still can't watch the 3rd vid for some reason, but I was wondering if u had a part list? and will I be able to get all the parts u mentioned at Home Depot except the washing mach. valve of coarse o ya dose it matter what kind of washing mach. valve I use.
It's up there now, it might have taken a while to upload.
parts list:

2 1/4" brass compression fitting needle valves
1 1/4" brass tee
1/2" outer diameter tubing
1 male quick connect air compressor fitting
8-10 small hose clamps
1 straight, threaded fitting small enough to threaded into door closer
1 screen door closer
1 brass cap
1 brass cap with 3/8" barb
everything is available at HD except the WM valve. It will be in the plumbing section with all of the fittings, the tubing is usually kept just below the fittings shelf. The quick connect fitting will be near the compressors.

It doesn't matter which kind of washer machine valve you use. Most of them are blue. You can even use a dish washer valve as well. I like them more, because you dont have to worry about capping one of the inlets. Let me know how it progresses. Good luck.
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those vids were great! in 3 vid's I totaly get it thankz Oct31man...but I do have a few questions 1st what to use to power the prop? was that a motion senser cause I can do that, but dose the washing mach. valve need a power source at all times and is that where do u rig your swich for the prop?2nd Do u have a couple of pics I good use as a detailed map I understand your instrucions but I woul like somthing to go by...thankz for the part list I'm going to homedepot this weekend I alredy got my washing mach. valve so I guess it's a start lol :googly:
I thought of a few other questions how do I hook up more then one prop to the compresser once I have the rest of the stuff handled? and will I need a spare tanks?
You can run more then one prop off of your compressor with a manifold. You can buy a manifold for about 5$ or you can make your own. Here is an example of a store bought one.

I use 1 spare tank in my haunt as of right now only because the prop that it is for uses alot of air.
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Your very welcome NT! I'm glad I could help. I use a manual switch that I make from a light switch and an outlet mounted in a double gang box. It has to be triggered manually, so it is up to you. I like having more control of when the prop is triggered, so I really like this set up. You can use any type of switch, but keep in mind how long the switch is turned on, because your prop will be in the raised position that long as well, draining your air tank. If you'd like, I can take pics of the switch I use.

If you are running multiple props, you can use a manifold like lotus. I use one as well. If you are doing 2 props, you can just use a tee fitting off of your main air line. The quick connect fitting on the end of your hose will be the end that attatches to you compressor line. You will not really need spare tanks unless your compressor has a small tank. I didn't use any on 6 props with a 22 gallon compressor, with about 700 guest going through. I'll get into more detail about the switch if you want to make the kind I use.
Gotta go to work now, have a good day! Robert
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