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Looky what the newbie did

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Be easy on me this is my first attempt at maching and painting without using black spray paint lol. After doing this I now realize I must make some ears. "She" just looks silly without them o and hair, she must have hair lol. Anyways how does "she" look so far?

Halloween 2007 :: IMG_6005.jpg picture by babygirl_kmp - Photobucket

Halloween 2007 :: IMG_6004.jpg picture by babygirl_kmp - Photobucket
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Looks Good BG - can't believe it's a first attempt!
Very Good Bg...!!

what are you going to do with it?
Good job, bg.

Thank goodness you sewed her mouth shut. I would have hated to hear what she was about to say.
Nice Work

i dunno got a house full that doesnt listen so it looks natural to me.
lol thanx guys.... It's no DS or Krough's mache work but hey if you squint your eyes a lil it might look a lil like it lol
Looks good, you might not need ears if the hair will cover that area........just a thought.
I never would have known it was a first try. Don't knock it cuz it is really good.
Sometimes I wish I could sew people's mouth's shut like that. LOL!
Great job BG! that's going to look really creepy in the right lighting.
thanx guys for the kind words....I want to have her crawling on the walls lol i gotta figure out the body still too.... geesh there is still so much to do with this and it will all be a first for me.... hey at least i dont have work botherin me right now lol
this would work great for an alien in a toxic drum kind of prop. Nice job, gal- I really mean that!
Thanx SI and Krough it means alot :D... i was tryin not to have it look like an alien but damn if it doesnt lol hopefully adding ears and hair will help change that. Thanx again guys!!
kmp, I am so glad you followed thru with this project!

It looks fantastic for your first go at it.
You should be proud of yourself girl.

I look forward to seeing her completed.
awesome! WOW> Ilike how you set her mouth too. You did a krough size mache job I think. Way to go!
aww shucks..... :D thanx guys this means alot to me that ya'll like it
looks good I have been wanting to try somthing like that but I jsut haven't...can't wait to see the finised product...
Way to go Babe, I'm glad to see that the mache bug has bitten you at last. Your black spray paint days are all behind you now!
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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