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As I stated in my last update to the web site, I have set up some software to help me run a mailing list. I've had lots of traffic here lately, and I'd like to entice some of it to keep coming back on a regular basis by running an e-mail mailing list.

There are two lists available to sign up for:
  • All Updates: Join this list to receive emails concerning all updates to unpleasantstreet.com. Emails to this list will be frequent (about once a week).
  • Prop Updates: Subscribers to this list will only receive updates when unpleasantstreet.com updates its prop how-tos, or notifies readers of a new prop that's been built/acquired. Messages to this list will be infrequent (about every other week, or less).

If you're interested in signing up for the mailing lists, please do so by going to http://www.unpleasantstreet.com/lists/?p=subscribe and filling out the form found there. Don't forget to check your e-mail and click the confirmation link.
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