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Now that the excitement has wound down, and Ironstock is put to bed for
another year, I want to take time to thank everyone that attended this year.
And most especially I want to thank all of those that always amaze me with
their volunteering labors to pull this event together. Although Ironstock
was much smaller this year, the amount of hard work setting up and tearing
down was still the same, and I honestly believe we had more folks pitching
in this time than ever before. Someone (couldn't tell you who) asked me
over the week-end if we were disappointed with the smaller crowd. I have to
say that even though we were prepared for larger numbers, we really and
truly enjoyed the chance to relax and visit more with old, and new friends.
This is something we haven't always had the opportunity to do with the
bigger crowds of folks. It reminded me of our early years, and that was
like a breath of fresh air for this old war horse.

Many folks have e-mailed me about our announcement during the Weasel Ball
about ending Ironstock after 2009. Most are sad, and some are even upset
with our decision, but almost everyone wants to know why. First let me say
that Ironstock has been a grand experience for us, and while it has been a
load of work, it has always been a thrill for us to host. But frankly when
it all started back in the basement of the local Masonic Lodge nine years
ago, we had no idea that it would turn into what it has. In hindsight, if
we knew then what was to transpire, maybe we would have thought twice about
it. LOL But I digress...our decision was not based on any one thing. We
have always loved (and been overly surprised) that so many people would
travel long distances to a sleepy little town in the middle of nearly
nothing to come play with us. But we also knew that at some point it had to
come to an end. The problem was always WHEN we would do this. Several
changes have happened in our lives since Ironstock started, and all of them
take a large portion of our time and energies. Our haunt is in its forth
year and we have added a twist to it that has allowed us to open throughout
the year as opposed to just one month. Our prop business has also gone
through major growth and changes that has taken more of our precious time,
and we expect that to be even more in the next couple of years. A few
months ago when we started planning for this year, Lady Iron and I sat down
and had a long talk. It sort of turned into a reminiscing conversation of
all the friends we've made, and all the antics (both good and bad) that had
occurred, and although we knew we needed the break, we decided that we would
not end it with THIS year, but go onto '09 to take it a full ten year run.
We are very proud and happy that Ironstock has been as successful as it has,
and that is NOT because of us, but because of you, the folks that come here
to join in on the fun. Since Ironstock started there have been many other
gatherings and conventions that have come about in various regions of the
country and we have been overjoyed to see them. It gives us a warm fuzzy
feeling to know that Ironstock has, in some small way, inspired a lot of
them. We have visited several of them and had an absolute blast, but with
our schedule, we have not gone to as many as we would like. After IS '09 we
look forward to again be able to get out on the road and visit with all of
our friends.

So, I hope everyone understands our position and can just come back next
June for the final blow out. I will promise you that we will pull out all
the stops to make the final Ironstock one to remember.

Your humble servant,

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Well that settles it as no road trip was feasible for this year ironstock will be next years vacation.

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well, does that mean someone else needs to pick up that torch? I'm sad that they have decided to end it. I do understand though, seems like more work than fun anymore and I am sure that is not how it started out. I went in 2006 and 2007, looks like I will need to make plans for next year. :(

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I'm sorry to hear this, but being a director and president of various theatres throughout the past decade, I fully understand his situation. Here's to you, Ironman!

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oh man...I really hope I can go next year...very sad news...

Good luck to Ironman and LadyIron in their future!

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Deathstock! Hmmm... s'got possibilities.....!

Actually, I asked Ironman at the event about passing the torch and he said they're not keen on the idea. He said their idea from early on was for a small non-profit friendly gathering, and their concern is that someone would use the name to try to build a large profit-oriented trade show. Not that there's anything wrong with those, but it wouldn't be what Ironstock was all about so they'd rather not see it morph into anything like that. If anyone wants to start a new annual gathering, they need to come up with a new name. And hey, the way I see it more power to 'em. It was their baby from the start, they can dictate the terms of its end. I've only been to one, and will go to the last one, and I'm happy I had the opportunity.

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This is no way I can do what the Ironman and his wife did over the years. I don't think I have the energy. But if I did do the Hauntpornstock I will bring this guy there.


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Ironstock was incredible. I wish I could have found it sooner. I have attended the last 2 years and will be there for the last. Thanks Ironman for starting such a wonderful thing. I have learned so much there.
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