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I'm building a Pumpkin costume for the amusement park I work in for Halloween. I figured out a way to make realistic-looking vines out of strips of weed-block burlap. I bought a 50-foot roll of loose-weave weedblocking burlap at Home Dept. I cut a strip about 10 inches wide at one end and 6 at the other. (It's a 3-foot wide roll.) I sprayed the burlap with a lot of 3M High-Strength Adhesive 90, then twisted it into a rope. It takes a lot of twisting, and will start to kink and make bends in the "vine". After it dried a little, I sprayed it with brown primer and dark green paint. It makes a nice, sturdy, flexible vine that looks quite real. Here's the photo album for the entire costume build, too!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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