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I make scented wax tarts, and I use color chips in soy wax. For pastel colors, they work really well. The only drag about the solid colorant is that if it doesn't dissolve all the way, you end up with little dark bits in the bottom of your poured item. In candles, that might not matter much, but in tarts its pretty noticeable.

The solid colorants are CHEAP (like $.50-$1 per color) though, which is why I use them as compared to the liquid dyes, which are $4-6 per ounce per color. I'm just too cheap to spend $50 on dyes when I wouldn't use them all up in 10 years!!!

I guess it boils down to how many candles are you gonna make, and how many colors do you want to invest in? Also, if you want a really saturated color, a liquid dye may be the way to go for ease of use as compared to the solid color...

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