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my grandfather and father where masons......ive heard and been told you need to know a mason to become one.......all the masons i knew are deceased.......is anyone a mason? looking for a lil bit of info for joining a chapter.......and no not brick laying mason

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My father is a Mason, but he's pretty quiet about it. I found some general information for you on Wikipedia:

Membership requirements
A candidate for Freemasonry must apply to a Private (or Constituent) Lodge in his community, obtaining an introduction by asking an existing member. After enquiries are made, he must be freely elected by secret ballot in open Lodge. Members approving his candidacy will vote with "white balls" in the voting box. Adverse votes by "black balls" will exclude a candidate. The number of adverse votes necessary to reject a candidate, which in some jurisdictions is as few as one, is set out in the governing Constitution. Lodges conduct these elections in a number of different ways; a wholly secret ballot where every member is given the means to vote either way, or semi public where members who choose to vote go to the ballot box and cast a secret vote.

General requirements
Generally to be a regular Freemason, one must:

Be a man who comes of his own free will. Traditionally Freemasons do not
actively recruit new members.
Believe in a Supreme Being.
Be at least the minimum age (18-25 years depending on the jurisdiction, but
commonly 21).
Be of sound mind, body and of good morals, and of good repute.
Be free (or "born free", i.e. not born a slave or bondsman).
Have one or two references from current Masons (depending on jurisdiction).
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