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In an effort to speed up the production process of a mache head - my 9 year old said - try floam - it dries really good. Which it does - he made a ball the size of a softball and when it dried - it was darn near weightless.

So instead of buying it - I found a recipe and made it.

Then tried it on Frankensteins nose.

While yes - it's workable. Even though it's firm - gravity takes hold and it loses it's shape. Franensteins nose has rested on his:
left cheek and right cheek at different times during the day.

If I make it any "dryer" it has no adhesion properties.

So I though I would try it and report back the results. I reallt thought I was onto something (sort of a great foam that you could handle but a little dryer).

That's all. Now I have a cubic foot of micro beads to do something with - any ideas?

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