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maze in a garage

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For the past couple of years, I've been setting up my display in the garage. Basically, I had a bunch of props scattered around with no real structure or theme. TOT's would just walk in, check out the scenery, get their candy, and leave. I found a site where a guy created a structure out of pipe in his garage that essentially created 5 small rooms. I'm going to try this, but I can't find the site to give the guy proper credit (or ask his advice).

Has anyone else done this? The structure itself is pretty simple. What I want to do is pump fog through the frame and drill holes in the pipe so that the fog will seep out along the floor. Can a standard fogger do this? I was thinking of maybe having a 'Y' coupler at the fogger and using a fan to help push the fog.
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I'm thinking of sealing all but the bottom pieces so the fog just comes out from the floor. If I could use dry ice, I might have it come from the top so that it runs down the walls. I think I saw on another thread where someone did something similar to this by mounting the fogger up high and letting gravity help move the fog through the structure.

Maybe you're thinking about DeathLord's setup?

I wanted to do that in my garage but I've never gotten around to building a shed to keep all the garage "junk" in. :D
That's it exactly! Now I can give him the credit he deserves. The site is from 2002, so I hope he didn't get so frustrated with trying to piece it together that he gave up. I also wish he had more finished pics. Oh well, if I can make this work, I'll have plenty of photos.
Ya, my garage is full of stuff too. The maze allows for a two foot gap around the outside. If I make the walls sturdy enough, I can pile things up higher around the outside.
Looks good bozz. But your garage is much cleaner than mine. I have to push all the junk up against the walls, so scene setters won't work for me. This year I'm going to use black cloth for the walls of the maze, but if this works out, I might get scene setters for the walls next year.
It worked really well. My fog chiller worked better this year than last year. I put two frozen water bottles in the tube so the fog had to go around them. That seemed to have a better chilling effect. The wind outside helped to circulate the fog around the maze. The TOT's loved it mainly because it got them out from the cold.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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